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It is essential to know that having a good credit history is very important. As it is the first step to improve your credit history.

Clean your credit bureau is relatively simple, you can do it by paying for your services and meet your commitments in a timely manner, whether automotive, banking, department stores, financial and even the services you hire at home as the pay television and services like gas, because they also report your payment activity to the Credit Information Societies (SIC) , and it is in those information societies where the other credit institutions consult your history to decide if they give you a credit or not, and under what conditions, that is, if you have a BAD credit history two things can happen, either they deny it or they give it to you at a very high interest rate!

If you have committed or made the mistake of having stopped paying or being late in paying your credits, it is time you think about solving this situation, because the importance of having a good credit history will help you to have access to better credit opportunities and online loans when necessary.

So next we tell you how to clean your credit bureau history.

1. Start by making sure you know how many and what credit institutions are reporting to you.

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This can be done by reviewing your credit history FREE once a year, either in credit bureau or credit circle , so you will know who to start seeing your situation of late payment or no payment.

It is very important to review it, because there are institutions that report your credit behavior even if they do not tell you, as a clear example of cell phone accounts, gas accounts, cable TV or Internet services.

2. Try to reach agreements.

Image result for agreements graphicIf you do not have money to settle the account completely, consult the article 6 steps to pay bills and save at the same time, the trick is to try to reach an agreement with the institutions that have reported you, sometimes they leave you pay up to fixed monthly payments and eliminate interest in large part.

Know what are the arrears that you have and start negotiating with the institutions, it is very likely that they give in to cover your payments.

3. If you do not recognize a record, warn!

Image result for warning symbol graphicIf at any time you do not identify any or some of the records that are indicated to you in the credit bureau or credit circle, visit their website and immediately make the clarification, because among other things it could be a sign of identity theft.

This more than a trick is a way to protect against identity theft, review your history in detail and do not let anything happen to you.

4. Never stop paying

Some time ago we wrote 4 infallible methods to pay debts FAST because getting behind in your debts is a serious error in which you can fall. Even if it complicates you do not stop giving even the minimum payment of your debt, because besides affecting your peace of mind, it will affect your credit history and this may affect when you need to apply for a loan.

5. Do not fall into traps!

Image result for bait graphicThere are some charlatans who tell you that they will “cleanse” you of Credit Bureau or Credit Circle, which is a complete lie, because it is impossible to do it, and only Buró or Círculo de Credito can do it once a certain time has elapsed, but no one can offer to erasure you from Credit Bureau or Circle of Credit automatically or immediately.